Market’s Predictions for the Fast Growing Marijuana Industry

In the past few years, several states of America have won the elections for the legalization of the Marijuana industry. with thousands of people googling terms like “cannabis near me” it’s easy to see how states like Colorado are already profiting millions each year. Now that years have passed and more states approved its legalization let us now check and see what’s in the future of cannabis industry from this year onward.

Los Angeles- Perceived to be the next Marijuana Capital State

The City of Angels is predicted to be the next capital state for the Marijuana industry. The reason behind this intuition is pretty obvious and proven by numbers because knowing that more or less $1 Billion has Los Angeles gained from their medical marijuana stock market only that is when you are to compare it with the Colorado’s profit, LA’s market plays a face to face game. So with that, Los Angeles is now expected to have the legalization ordinance passed in this year, 2017 and will soon open up more opportunities for the recreational market.

The Rise of the Craft Marijuana Industry

As supplies of marijuana grow in the market, the CMO of Greenlane’s vaporizer distributor, Sasha Kadey then predicts that it may be given for the fall of prices that will surely cause the effects of commoditizing. It is also seen to lead into a premiumization much likely what had happened to the industry when it reached the stage of maturity knowing that recent producers are now after such alternatives for the premium type of packaging, the building of brands, and any other creative marketing strategies. Traditional growers will surely maintain to emphasize the organic features of their products, yet some of the recent growers will surely bait into celebrity endorsements. With these stated facts above, it is sure that 2017 is the starting year of the boost craft bud industry.

Failure in Marijuana Recycling Niche

CBA or the Cannabis Business Alliance have all hopes for working hand in hand together with the lawmakers for the developing new options for Marijuana plants that cannot surpass the effects of pesticides during the testing process. This leads to the destruction of withered crops after the test done by the producers. In this situation, CBA decided to work to have a new alternative, allowing the harvesters to develop the damaged marijuana plants into a solvent based types of concentrates which are said to be safer.

Sports Leagues will support the use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

In the Year 2017 or later, predicted that the marijuana industry in the purpose of medical treatment would be used in major sports leagues in some states of America. Due to many cases of synthetic drug overdoses and abuse, most professional athletes will opt to use the medical marijuana to cure major injuries such as head and muscle injuries that are known to be very painful. Then after the legalization of medical marijuana in almost 30 states, the rest of athletes will prefer this kind of medication.