How to Choose a Good Construction Contractor – Do they have a Bond?

When you have to call the construction guys in, you’re probably getting ready for some major renovations. That is why it is so important that you get a company that can complete the job first time round without any mistakes. It’s not like construction companies are cheap, so hiring the best one can benefit you enormously. There have been too many situations where a client has experienced a poor construction job, which can leave a project half finished with a lot of lost money.

We know how important it is when you’re hiring a company, so we’re here to help. We have developed a set of rules you can use when you’re next looking to hire a construction company. By reading the following, you will know what factors to consider when looking and how to choose the best one.

Here are 4 of our favorite tips.

Reputation is Important

Reputation is probably the most relevant factor to consider when choosing a construction company. This will tell you whether they are a company you can trust. With the development of the internet, you can now found out and assess the reputation of a company through online reviews. Just type their name into the search box and read what previous clients have said about them. You can always ask around the local area and see if anyone has had experience with the company. If you hear and read good things, you should consider them a trustworthy company.

Have They Got a Contractor’s Bond?

Let’s say you have done the assessments and hired a company. However, half-way through the project, they disappear with your funds never to be seen again. This can happen if you haven’t protected yourself and checked whether they are insured, offering a contractor’s bond. A contractor’s bond is a form of insurance that promises completion of the job. It has to go through a surety insurance company to be approved, so you need to check this with the enterprise. A fantastic website you can refer your contractors to in order to purchase a contractor bond is Once you have found a company that offers a contractor’s bond, they can be trusted.

Customer Service

Who wants to work with a construction company that treats its clients like dirt? If you want the best company, you’re going to want to find one with great customer service and support. Not only does this make the experience more pleasant but it is also beneficial if there is a problem with the project. You don’t want to be discussing any issues with a grumpy support staff member who doesn’t care about your problems. Give the company a call before hiring and see how they handle a new lead. Do they sound excited? Happy? Polite? If they do, they’ll be much easier with which to work.

How’s theirs?

This is more of a final check. If you ever have the chance to check out their workplace and equipment, take it. This will let you assess how they treat and maintain their equipment. This is essential if you want the project to be completed flawlessly. Poorly managed equipment will be less effective and could do more harm than good. Find a company that looks after their tools and upgrades them regularly.


Hiring a construction company is a difficult and expensive task. With so many available it can be hard to choose between them. However, with the above tips, you should now be able to make a qualified selection. Don’t waste your money on a useless company, find one that can get the job done properly. Hopefully, this article has helped you.