Best SEO Practices for Cannabis Dispensaries

SEO or rather search engine optimization is one of the commonly used digital marketing strategies. Search engine optimization aims at making a brand visible on search engine by improving its ranking on search engines. This strategy has proven effective and has helped many brands become visible among its targeted audience. This is the reason many cannabis dispensary dealers are adopting online marketing. Marketing your marijuana dispensary online can be extremely profitable if you do it the right way…

There are some SEO strategies that  can help a cannabis dealer improve the quality of his/her services.

We spoke to the best cannabis marketing company we could find to help you understand what works best.

Let us start off by looking of the requirements dispensaries owners should do if they are to effectively use this strategy:

• Developing a website-Search engine optimization fully depends on a website. This strategy makes websites visible on search engine.
• Properly designed websites –This is in terms layout and image positioning. People love dealers whose website look professional regarding content and image positioning.
• Websites that are easy to navigate and browse through-Search engine optimization not only aims at making a brand visible, but also improving the user experience. Studies have revealed many people use mobile phones to check out online products. Cannabis dispensaries owners who mobile optimize their websites are likely to experience an increased traffic.

Best SEO practices

Here are some SEO practices that cannabis dealers should observe while using search engine optimization:

• Tracking everything-This can be either through search console or Google analytics. Tracking your success rate helps people evaluate your market strategies. Tracking your success rate helps determine if you are going on the right path or not. Dispensary dealers should verify their Google Analytics in Google search Console. Marketing experts emphasize the importance of analyzing marketing data after a certain period.
• Claiming your dispensary’s Google page-Google needs to verify a person’s physical location via postcard. Here are some things a person should keep in mind while filling out your listings; use of the exact business name, ensuring the physical location detail is correct, uniquely describing your product and posting high-quality photos.
• Forwarding your name to top-tier web directories-Web directories range from top-tier, Yellow Pages and Yelp among others. This helps clients get additional information regarding a selected Cannabis dispensary dealer.
• Being unique-As we all know, there are many cannabis dispensaries dealers in the continent. A person needs to offer unique services to attract a lot of clients and stand out from fellow competitors.
• Online presence-Search engine optimization cannot be successful without an online presence. A person should take advantage of different social media platforms and its huge population to establish an online presence.

Market’s Predictions for the Fast Growing Marijuana Industry

In the past few years, several states of America have won the elections for the legalization of the Marijuana industry. with thousands of people googling terms like “cannabis near me” it’s easy to see how states like Colorado are already profiting millions each year. Now that years have passed and more states approved its legalization let us now check and see what’s in the future of cannabis industry from this year onward.

Los Angeles- Perceived to be the next Marijuana Capital State

The City of Angels is predicted to be the next capital state for the Marijuana industry. The reason behind this intuition is pretty obvious and proven by numbers because knowing that more or less $1 Billion has Los Angeles gained from their medical marijuana stock market only that is when you are to compare it with the Colorado’s profit, LA’s market plays a face to face game. So with that, Los Angeles is now expected to have the legalization ordinance passed in this year, 2017 and will soon open up more opportunities for the recreational market.

The Rise of the Craft Marijuana Industry

As supplies of marijuana grow in the market, the CMO of Greenlane’s vaporizer distributor, Sasha Kadey then predicts that it may be given for the fall of prices that will surely cause the effects of commoditizing. It is also seen to lead into a premiumization much likely what had happened to the industry when it reached the stage of maturity knowing that recent producers are now after such alternatives for the premium type of packaging, the building of brands, and any other creative marketing strategies. Traditional growers will surely maintain to emphasize the organic features of their products, yet some of the recent growers will surely bait into celebrity endorsements. With these stated facts above, it is sure that 2017 is the starting year of the boost craft bud industry.

Failure in Marijuana Recycling Niche

CBA or the Cannabis Business Alliance have all hopes for working hand in hand together with the lawmakers for the developing new options for Marijuana plants that cannot surpass the effects of pesticides during the testing process. This leads to the destruction of withered crops after the test done by the producers. In this situation, CBA decided to work to have a new alternative, allowing the harvesters to develop the damaged marijuana plants into a solvent based types of concentrates which are said to be safer.

Sports Leagues will support the use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

In the Year 2017 or later, predicted that the marijuana industry in the purpose of medical treatment would be used in major sports leagues in some states of America. Due to many cases of synthetic drug overdoses and abuse, most professional athletes will opt to use the medical marijuana to cure major injuries such as head and muscle injuries that are known to be very painful. Then after the legalization of medical marijuana in almost 30 states, the rest of athletes will prefer this kind of medication.

5 Keys to a Great Small Business Marketing Strategy

5 Keys to a Great Small Business Marketing Strategy

Are you a small business owner? Are you not getting enough clients in your shop? The problem may be your poor marketing strategy. Good marketing is one of the key aspects of any successful business out there, and it should never be ignored. Whether you’re just a starter or your business has been running for quite some time, it can succeed if it has adopted and adhered to the right marketing strategies. These small company marketing tips can help you solve many of these problems and help you to find the best small business marketing solutions.

1. Have a website

If you don’t know how to build yourself a website, just hire a person who will make you an excellent website at a pocket-friendly price. This is because every business existing today reaps the benefits of advertising its products on the Internet and you shouldn’t be left out. Since so many customers rely on the internet to help them make their buying decisions, you should be there where your potential clients can undoubtedly discover you.

2. Create a customer database

Every business reaps the benefits of having a client database. Using a client database is the best way that you can understand anything about your clients, including what they like about your business and where they need you to improve. You can collect your customer’s opinions from your website by requesting them to complete some forms. Here is how to build a mailing list fast.

3. Do not advertise like a big business

This is probably one of the best small business marketing tips that you can find here. And by thinking small, it just means ensuring your strategy reaches just the right part of your market. You are not a large corporation which has allocated millions of dollars in its advertising budget. Therefore, plan each move that you make, so each dollar you spend will always be money well spent.

4. Conduct new product announcements

When you have a fresh product, or you are starting a new service, mailing out the new products details to your customers would provide you with the right press coverage and open public knowledge about the product that you’ll require. Just carefully choose which publication you will send to which media house and by which means you will have a higher probability of getting published. A successful California company has done an excellent job of adding new product announcements. Their strategy has increased their overall sales for the year by nearly 50%! Implement this strategy alone and you will be happy that you did!

5. Network with other businesses

Similar or related companies can help each other grow through various promotional activities. That is a cost-effective strategy particularly if you don’t have a big advertising budget. Most small serial business owners make good use of the strategy. You may also consider Participating in community services together which is another cheap and straightforward marketing idea that will do magic for your business as well as link you with your local customers.

So those are among the best small business advertising tips you may use to increase your profits. On a limited budget, the small activities make the vast differences. There are lots of ways that small business owners could work around their weaknesses. All it requires is usually to be as creative as you can and view things from all perspectives.

6 Easy Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work

There is no denying that more than half of business start-ups collapse as soon as they are operational and even a majority of those that push through the budding stage do make it to their pinnacle. Why is this, someone may ask. Well, the answer lies in the magical word “marketing”.

Needless to say, a business can hardly grow when marketing is poor since the primary motive of any business is to make profits and profits are made through access to new clients and new markets. In this article, we shall discuss some of the marketing strategies small businesses can use to push through the heat of the unforgiving competition.

Put the Needs of Your Prospects First

The good old saying, “the client comes first’’ remains true even when it comes to marketing for your small business. Many businesses collapse because they let the profit motive override everything else.

However, experts advise that the needs of your clients have to come first. This means you could even sacrifice some free samples at the beginning of your product launch just to stimulate curiosity and demand for your new product.

Clarify The Value of Your Products and Services

This is another area small business owners overlook. Many such business owners adopt marketing strategies focusing on the cost, where they simply want to paint a picture that their product is cheaper than the one in the next store.

How about you turn things around and instead educate your prospects on exactly what they will get from it? If you are selling mineral water or other liquid supplements, focus on the specific benefits as opposed to simply pointing out the fact that it is fairly priced.

Be Flexible in Your Pricing Strategies

It is only common knowledge that a business located in a city’s central business district would charge more on its products as opposed to one located in a more uptown area.

Due to this, it is only fair that you adjust prices accordingly. But most importantly, do not give this as a reason for the variance in prices but rather; insist the changes are proportional to the quality offered.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

This is yet another great strategy small businesses could use or their marketing. If you are, say, a plumber, ensure you undertake any plumbing need with utter devotion as it is only through this can you win the confidence of your customers.

In essence, always take charge of your role so you paint a picture of a dedicated professional. This will win you favor with your prospects and they will always be looking up to you for advise.

Build Relationships

As we all know, the greatest endeavor is not winning prospects but keeping them. Therefore, ensure you do all in your power to build relationships with your new clients.

One strategy that is known to work in this regard is offering of loyalty programs, among other incentives that will make them remain loyal to your brand.

Keep In Touch

Last but not least, keeping in touch with your prospects remains one major strategy in marketing for small businesses. Their contacts could be used to inform them of new products or changes in your pricing as well as other dynamics of your business.

Even better, you could also use it to follow up on what their take is on a particular product they purchased from you or a service they used.